A few days back i was having a fun conversation with Milan and Flavio and a phishing kit came up.

hxxps://www [.] back-metamask [.] com/register-login.html


Typical MetaMask phish kit, nothing particularly interesting about it at face value, but i couldn’t help a feeling deja vu. I started snooping around. I chose import wallet. Again, nothing particular, typical seed phrase harvesting page.

I used Ian Coleman’s Mnemonic Code Converter to generate a random mnemonic phrase and “imported” my wallet. To my surprise..

They gave me a whole wallet with all of 0 ETH 🤣. I’m still questioning this decision. From a design perspective, having a potential victim land on a page with NONE of their supposed ETH in their wallet is sure to cause them to panic.

Anyways, going through all the requests i saw that they were sending the harvested seeds through to

hxxps://www [.] back-metamask [.] com/api.php

I also realised that the POST wouldn’t work if the referer wasn’t

hxxps://www [.] back-metamask [.] com/wallet.html

WIth all this info i wondered what if someone where to send a bunch of random mnemonic phrases? Even better, send LOADS of them at once… And “someone” did😅


And the site went down.

It went down for some hours. it came back to life with a “new” script to collect the seeds. It was changed from

hxxps://www [.] back-metamask [.] com/api.php


hxxps://www [.] back-metamask [.] com/apis.php

A game of “slightly alter the name of the script” ensued. The phishers change the name of the script and the “someone” changes it as well. The phishing site had an average uptime of 5 minutes per hour.


The phishers finally gave up and put up a text as their landing page. It read

“U ARE SO BAD telegram @ethpadpresaleadmin contact me”

Of course i reached out! This is how the conversation went

“Flap Jack” asks ‘..Why are u doing this?’ like they are the victim 🤣🤣🤣. Staying up all night for this paid off. Another one bites the dust!


I scanned the domain on Virus Total and URLScan and you wouldn’t believe it!

This is why i felt deja vu! I’d seen this before

hxxps://restore-metamask [.] com/register-login.html





curious n00b 👽😎🔱🔥| Follow me and I will make you Phishers of man

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curious n00b 👽😎🔱🔥| Follow me and I will make you Phishers of man

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